USCG Medium Endurance Cutter 18″

$199.99 $159.99

Overall Dimensions 18″ Long x 2″ Wide x 6″ High

  • Built from scratch by master artisans
  • This Limited Edition scale model of the Coastal Patrol Boat is the highest quality USCG model available
  • Detailed Features include:
    • Accurate USCG Racing Stripe on prow
    • Detailed masts and superstructure
    • Helicoper on the deck
    • Railings, cleats, life preservers, shiplights and other details on decks
    • United States flag flies from rigging
  • Meticulously painted to match the actual USCG Medium Endurance Cutter
  • Extensive research of original plans as well as actual photographs ensures the highest possible accuracy of the Coast Guard ship model
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